Is there any way to re-create a tree? Man-made life forms have, at best, feebly tried to replicate the complexities of the natural world. Robots are one dimensional creations humans have proffered to stand in and do tasks a biological human being could or would not do. But what about trees? Could there come a time when it is critical for life on earth to attempt to engineer a man made tree? Could these tree-bots do half of the vital life giving tasks a true tree effortlessly does? In this series I make admittedly feeble attempts at recreating trees, hopefully to underscore that there is no way to synthesize them once they are gone.

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Beyond employing new and unusual materials diverted from the waste stream, this sculpture series attracts the viewer with its organic qualities but reveals upon closer examination that nothing about its material make up is from the natural world. Man-made, discarded concrete, steel and glass are the essences of urban construction and our everyday city environment.
Here concrete remnants were saved instead of thrown away, reconfigured and gilded with space age coated glass that reflects unnaturally saturated colors, changing with the viewers position almost as if alive and responding to unknown stimuli.
A subtle kinetic quality reinforces the perception of an organic life form. The effect of the piece is to be drawn in by these curious qualities which beg to be studied, and the work responds by throwing back the viewer’s own reflection and the realization that they are scrutinizing garbage and themselves simultaneously.

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These works are further experiments in sculpture and recycled material, blurring the line between recycled and new, found and forgotten and incorporating a mix of media diverted from the land fill these small sculptures use various assemblage techniques.

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