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I have always been moved by images more than words. As a kid I would page through National Geographics and absorb the stories through the photographs and hardly read a word. So powerful were images that I could not touch a close up image of a tarantula and I held my breath while flipping through stories about deep sea creatures.
I took my first photography class as a senior in high school and loved it. I went on to art school and eventually majored in photography, learning the technical side of composing, printing and exhibiting photographs just before the advent of digital photography.

Now I use my skills as a photographer to convey what I create in glass and other media, and for that matter all the images on this website. Both photography and glass share two fundamental elements, color and light. To capture an exquisite image and make a breathtaking glass piece, color and the interplay of light on the composition must be understood and manipulated to be successful.
Here are some of my series of photographs, for more images follow this link to my flickr photostream

Glass Explorations

2012 – present

I am fascinated with macro and microscopic views of pretty much anything. It’s thrilling and always amazing to find the truly bizarre and beautifully alien when you look close enough. While these images in my “Glass Explorations” series are not truly “microscopic” the aim is to achieve an abstracted view that is fresh and charged with new life.  This is an ongoing interest and focus of my current photography work.



July 2014

An exhibit of photographs titled “TRESPASS: Exploring Urban Decay” invites viewers into a world of abandoned structures to view the many amazing and forgotten details that still reside there.
The Exhibit will be in display for the month of July 2014 at the Oak Park Main Library Art Gallery.

Nowhere is the residue of time more apparent than when one enters a ruin of a building frozen in mid explosion or suspended crumble. Covered in layers of dust and moss, vines of unstoppable nature, these decrepit spaces are capsules of time, from both the past and foretelling the future. It is with a sense of excitement tempered with futility that I explore these eerie spaces and odd occupants under decades of dust, knowing I cannot capture every fascinating detail.  So I focus on curious objects and odd juxtapositions of remains of the abandoned man made.  Where else can one encounter such portals of time travel, layered beauty of decades of decay? These unexpected glimpses of the past and future I attempt to freeze in time. This is why I trespass.

The Longer The Silence

Dec 1998

The Longer the Silence” is my BFA photography exhibit at California College of the Arts (CCA). Below are the 18 images I chose to print in large format (20″ x 24″ and 20″ x 30″) color as well as my original Artist Statement for the show. I have continued photographing subject matter that I feel expands this body of work.

I am interested in representing a psychological landscape. In this work I am using images of spaces and elements from the landscape a signifiers for essential human experiences and emotions. The presentation of images in this work has been influenced by the ambiguous relationships of words and  images common in contemporary poetic writing. Working within the mode of metaphor I allow intuition to determine what scenes and spaces I need images of and how each photograph communicates with the others.