Dimensional Mosaics

What would heightened anticipation, or deep frustration, look like on a cellular level? What shape and color might the feeling of surprise and delight take?
With these works I attempt to portray my interpretation of a mix of human emotions as seen through a high-powered microscope. As science advances daily and resolves mysteries of our world, trying to depict something not yet seen or discovered is a worthy challenge.

I work with glass, a material that to me represents beauty, fragility, endurance, transparency, and when broken, faces the world with countless sharp edges, apt metaphors for a range of human emotions. It is ubiquitous, seen everyday, held and relied upon, a necessary membrane of civilization and yet glass is rarely treasured.

For this reason I choose to use the cast offs: bottle glass. Every one of us has put our lips to drink from a glass bottle. So intimately we infuse the glass with our personality and our worries that it may be able to represent what is everyday and yet unseen, evoke the multi-dimensional and ever-changing, felt by each of us but invisible inside our chemical make up.

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