bentbottle is a collection of uniquely modern, dishes, bowls, lighting and jewelry made exclusively from recycled bottle glass by Bryan Northup.

“I enjoy the challenge of creating something out of common bottle glass that is functional, as well as intriguing and beautiful to the eye. Exploring a free source of raw material such as post-consumer bottle glass provides an endless array of forms and possibilities for transforming the ordinary and necessary glass bottle into an oddly modern, yet earthy, and even whimsical art object.
My “bentbottle” work possess a “lost in time” aesthetic, both ancient and modern, if not futuristic artifacts made from discarded everyday materials.

Enhancing the organic qualities of glass by transforming it in the kiln is what keeps me excited and inspired to keep working with recycled glass. There is the promise of an unseen frontier each time the kiln is fired. The ultimate goal of my work with recycled glass is to create artifacts for the future, made from material discarded today.

A_bentbottle sign 2012 copy