Glass Act: Getting to Know Bryan Northup art critic and columnist, Ken Reif interviewed me for his weekly column. Here is a brief excerpt:

“Nature to me is sacred and has the power to not only sustain human existence
but inspire works of art. When I see wastefulness, pollution, oil spills, landfills, and littering, I feel sick with anger.

I didn’t always have a goal of creating eco-conscious art but in 2007 I started working with bottle glass and over the past five or so years have developed a new line of work I call “bentbottle” that is 100 percent recycled glass. Bottles are so ubiquitous in society that to see them transformed into something else really stops people in their tracks.

My hope is to bring an awareness not only to new art that is made from recycled materials but the need for everyone to do whatever they can to conserve and preserve nature. When I am making my bottle pieces I am offering each one as a “thank you” to planet earth. These bottles will not be buried in a landfill or broken on the roadside but be a reminder to others to do their part. ”

Read on to learn about my artistic upbringing, building a small business and how glass tends to show up on my doorstep.