Blurring the line between recycled and new, found and forgotten and incorporating a mix of media diverted from the land fill. Using various assemblage techniques, these works are further experiments in sculpture and recycled materials. Here are a few examples of my dimensional glass mosaics. Click here to see more work in my portfolio.

Art of Patron

Elegant yet earthy this footed bowl elevates shards to a new level. Created with two Patron bottles, one large frosted bottle was broken and fired back together to form an organic shaped bowl, a smaller bottle was trimmed and bonded to the bowl to elevate it in an stylish way.


4/2013 – current What would heightened anticipation, or deep frustration, look like on a cellular level? What shape and color might the feeling of surprise and delight take?
With these works I attempt to portray my interpretation of a mix of human emotions as seen through a high-powered microscope. As science advances daily and resolves mysteries […]

Glass Act

Getting to Know Bryan Northup art critic and columnist, Ken Reif interviewed me for his weekly column. Here is a brief excerpt: “Nature to me is sacred and has the power to not only sustain human existence but inspire works of art. When I see wastefulness, pollution, oil spills, landfills, and littering, I feel sick with anger. I […]