I have had many opportunities to show my sculpture work both big and small, indoors and out this year  

Study in Foam


Chicago Tree Project Sculpture

  PLASTICS: TEMPORARY CONVENIENCE, TOXIC PERMANENCE I have four related tree sculpture concepts that I see as a series, all using plastics in one form or another as a metaphor to highlight the disturbing intersections of first world convenience and preservation of vital natural resources we all take for granted. Rampant consumerism and the desire for […]

ART @ One Earth Film Festival

  One Earth Film Festival has teamed up local artists and businesses to show love to their mother… Earth that is. In a special Valentine’s Day inspired art tour in Oak Park, #LoveOneEarth features work  primarily made from found objects and reclaimed materials The exhibit culminates with the One Earth Film Festival screening of “Angel Azul”, a documentary featuring artist […]


Art of Patron Elevated Shards_1

Art of Patron

Elegant yet earthy this footed bowl elevates shards to a new level. Created with two Patron bottles, one large frosted bottle was broken and fired back together to form an organic shaped bowl, a smaller bottle was trimmed and bonded to the bowl to elevate it in an stylish way. My design “Elevated Shards” was selected […]


Wine bottles are often the witness to many good times and laughter with family and friends. Now you can tile your space with remnants from past parties and gatherings. Custom sizes and color combinations available.



Winter Mosaics

“Ice & Snow” by Bryan Northup, an Oak Park artist. His mosaic, made of fused bottle glass, faceted crystals, bevels and stained glass, depicts a selection of snowflakes, each one different. “I wanted to evoke the feeling of that moment of quiet and peaceful beauty that comes with snowfall,” said Northup, 38. In addition to […]


Ancient life‐forms or aliens from the future? Hacking my way through a jungle of twisted possibilities and melting temperatures, these are the nine plants I found and have brought back from the journey to show.  These fantastical new species of plants are born of two passions of mine, glass and growing plants. All it took […]