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The Fifth Season

Trees are dying at an alarming rate due to climate change. After many seasons of enriching our cityscapes with beauty and our air with oxygen these dead trees in Chicago’s parks are being turned over to artists to extend their life into a fifth season; a season of art. Using art as a vessel for public engagement, these three Oak Park artists are among the […]

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Reflections on Rubble

Beyond employing new and unusual materials diverted from the waste stream, this sculpture series attracts the viewer with its organic qualities but reveals upon closer examination that nothing about its material make up is from the natural world. Man-made, discarded concrete, steel and glass are the essences of urban construction and our everyday city environment. Here concrete remnants were saved instead of thrown away, reconfigured […]



CIRCLING BACK TO SUSHI I created a line of sushi themed glass art objects in 2002- 2004. I had lamps, tabletops, tiles and mosaic installations adorned with sushi. Now I find myself revisiting this loaded subject with a different intent and choice of materials to make a point. As a challenge to myself, I created my first plasti-sushi piece for a local exhibit about food. I made […]


Chicago Tree Project Sculpture: Message in a Bottle

As an artist and environmentalist I am interested in projects that bring attention to the tenuous balance between the natural world and ever increasing human consumption and destruction of those resources we depend on. My work has lately been focused on elevating everyday discarded glass bottles into functional art objects that infiltrate our daily lives and serve as a reminder that everyone has a part […]